"Those who deny freedom
to others deserve it not
for themselves"

Abraham Lincoln

A great You Tube video to understand better where "WE The People" have been positioned.

Wake Up America!!!!!

A website everyone should study: www.stopthecrime.net

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The Free State of South Dakota web site is an educational awareness experience for those that are finally asking tough questions that don’t seem to have mainstream answers.

If you’ve been asking questions about what “this” country is becoming or where did everything go so wrong; I’m here to tell you that we all have opinions but until we all get the facts straight and come together—unite—all we will ever have is opinions  just like a certain body anatomy part---we all have one.


Yes, the name of the web site is the Free State of South Dakota but we are an educational awareness medium for all peoples in all states. We accept commentary, educational videos of factual interest, editorial articles about historical governmental events and collaborated news articles or video.

We wouldn’t be real if we didn’t include content on what some call conspiracy theories, some sustainability during chaos pointers and a tad of downright “preparedness” (“prepper” specials) articles.

There is nothing like watching a good TV program depicting struggles of historical wars, early settlers, or the way life the use to be.  Although many of us cannot imagine living without running water and electricity, being responsible for your own food, winter heat or your living being earned by the degree of your talents; much less living without cable, cell phones or the internet.  It is becoming painfully obvious to the masses that electronic distraction is the new blindfold we don as we stand before the hangman putting the noose around our own necks and those of our children and grandchildren.  It is not the intent to slam the new rave of reality TV or the so called “Stars” of such shows but really; have we slid to the bottom rung of the ladder of intellect?  Wake up America before it doesn’t matter anymore.

Please---lets all join together- neighbor to neighbor, community to community, county to county and state to state for the preservation of “We the People”.  This web site is like a family’s pot luck—everyone brings something to the table and everyone has a choice to what they indulge in—in the end—everyone’s appetite has been contently satisfied by the work ethics of people joining together for one cause.  

To the people of all states: please feel free to send information about your states educational process to be posted on your states navigation tab to:  admin@freestateofsouthdakota.org .  If you are sending video please send it in HTML .I prefers all written articles be in Word or PDF. If you would like to submit an article to go under a main web site navigation tab just put that tab title in the subject line of your email.



The People of the free states in Union ("People") do not now, nor have we ever supported any intent of over-throwing the UNITED STATES municipal corporation acting as a government. The People are not "Sovereign Citizens" as defined by the UNITED STATES and Homeland Security. We are peaceful, non-violent and advocate peaceful, non-violent methods to restore and maintain a lawful, constitutional republican form of governance (i.e. we would never advocate or take part in the kidnapping of, or violence against any public official; nor do we affiliate with any hate groups; nor would we participate in any terrorist attack against the U.S. corporate government or any public or private official.) We love our fellow man, America, its People and the Republic for which our flag stands. We observe the greatest commandment, namely, that we love God and Love our fellow man. We believe that the rule of law should be applied justly and equally to all, both small and great without regard to race, gender, color, financial status, handicap, or religious affiliation. We show tolerance and respect to corporate law enforcement officers even when these officers, through lack of knowledge, may violate or infringe upon our un-a-lien-able guaranteed liberties. We are not tax protesters or the like. We believe in conducting our commerce and the business of Republic governance in the open, not in secret meetings. We hold that the People intend to research actual Law as well as applicable case Law. We intend on attending as many seminars, meetings and lectures as possible given by law professors, lawyers and the like in order to learn the proper interpretation of law. We are willing to assist any local, state or national leaders, such as governors, congressmen, senators or representatives in coming to a clearer understanding of their constitutional duties and obligations to the American People.


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Please understand our reason for having "site based" emails. This is a public site--anyone can access it--anyone!!!-For your safety you now have a site based email box and your personal email is just that personal. Many of us use our personal email to keep in contact with one another and that remains a means of viable contact---but---it should remain your personal discretion to whom has your personal email address---not ours. This is done for your privacy and safety. Thank you for your understanding, Admin

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